Fullres changelog and roadmap.

Enhancing Data Accuracy with Fullres' Cloudflare Script Proxy

We have introduced a new feature, the Cloudflare Script Proxy, to improve the accuracy of data collection for users who also utilize Cloudflare. This feature helps bypass script blockers and privacy shields by allowing the Fullres analytics script to be served from your own domain.

Setting Up the Proxy

1. Create the Worker: Log in to Cloudflare, navigate to "Workers & Pages," and create a new Worker.
Name the Worker, then replace the default code with the provided script and deploy it.

2. Setup the Route: In the Cloudflare Dashboard, add a new route for your Worker using your website URL.

3. Modify Your Install Code: Update the Fullres install code on your website to point to the new route.

By using the Cloudflare Script Proxy, you ensure more reliable data collection, even when third-party scripts are blocked.

For detailed instructions, visit the fullres documentation.