Fullres changelog and roadmap.

Fullres Announcement: A New BSA Product

Last summer, like most website owners/operators who use Google Analytics, we were unhappy with the product changes and sought an alternative. There are many, and they are all great products. But something was missing.

  1. We wanted more from a product we’d use every day to see site traffic.
  2. We didn’t want to pay much for what had previously been free.

Ironically, I found myself thinking long and hard about the super early @HubSpot days. Back then, small businesses would use a handful of tools to string together the sales machinery for their website… Analytics, Blog, Lead Forms, CRM, CMS… the list goes on. That was the initial HubSpot strategy: string together all of the tools people use to generate and manage inbound interest for their business, and integrate them super well to make small business owners more efficient and better at inbound marketing.

As a publisher on the web, we’re in a similar spot today. We use 6, 10, 12 (?) different tools to string together the day-to-day management of our sites… from analytics to monetization to newsletter management to monitoring to ad serving to SEO monitoring… The list goes on and on.

The problem is that none of these point solutions talk to each other. As website owners, we have these silos of data from which we have to somehow analyze, monetize, and optimize our traffic and our revenue. That is hard to do.

We can monetize our websites more effectively if we are able to work smarter, not harder with more efficient tooling. We could grow our website traffic and make more money if we had more effective tooling. It was at this point that we realized that BSA already had something that many others don’t: the monetization layer.

What if your organic search data had your earnings layered right alongside it and you could see that people who land on your site for “widgets” monetize at a $7 RPM vs those who land on your site for “blue widgets” who are at a $2 RPM? That information would be useful.

Or, what if you could see that users who signed up for your email newsletter originating from X converted at a higher rate than those from organic search? Maybe you’d make some different decisions about your site content and ad integration for those users.

And it turns out that to build this multi-point tool you need to be fabulous at logging data... which is precisely what we've been doing for the past 17 years at BSA. Our ad server is effectively a custom logging application. Someone views an ad, we record that action, and then summarize the data visually for our customers. Analytics is no different. Many products are _effectively_ custom logging applications.

We have the expertise, the footprint, and the tech to pull off an analytics product easily... and we can do it super cheap too (like 3x-5x cheaper than all alternatives).

Fullres pricing preview

So here goes nothing... and this is just the beginning. Fullres will help you Monetize, Analyze and Optimize. All on one platform.

We're launching with a basic toolkit and over time will build everything YOU, the website owner/operator, need to get ahead of the pack.

We are currently onboarding anyone who feels similarly and is willing to provide feedback.

Super. Excited.